Frank Gorga: Recent Photographs
and Cyanotypes

An Exhibit at the Wallace Anderson Gallery, Bridgewater State College

September 2007



Trained as a scientist, but with the soul of an artist, I have been making photographs for more than thirty years. Moving to a digital camera about five years ago helped to improve my photographs significantly. The absence of cost associated with triggering the shutter associated with digital cameras was liberating! The instantaneous feedback provided was enlightening. Both factors led to an increase in photographic risk-taking which has led to better images.

I specialize in both landscape and nature subjects. My goal is to see and record images that most people do not get a chance to observe. This can mean going to places that are "off the beaten path" or being present at a time (sunrise or sunset, are good!) when few others are around. More often, it means simply taking the time to closely observe what goes on around you.

In addition to "normal" color and black and white photographs, I have recently begun to make cyanotypes from selected images. The hand work involved in making cyanotypes adds another layer of creativity to my work that I find extremely gratifying.

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